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August 2018 Elite Club Members ONLY!

Welcome to the Elite Club! A maintenance platform designed to keep you connected to all of Coach Lisa’s best practices and secret sauces. Why re-invent the wheel? Now you have monthly access to fresh content every 30 days! The Elite Club is for graduates around the nation in 43 states and 15 different title companies under the FNTG brands only, WOW now that’s a networking group!! Check out all the fresh exclusive content below.

If you are interested in our optional add on’s to the Elite Club we have buttons below with details about Diamond Club Member Status (highest level in the Elite Club), Accountability POD’s (team up with other graduates around the nation), Elite Club Events, 5 ways to enter into our Monthly contest for a BIG PRIZE, Moneywork, and Elite Club Plus (lender content only). To access this month’s files please click on the images below and the download will begin automatically.

This content is exclusive to its members only. Sharing this information can result in being eliminated from the Elite Club. Please protect the privacy of this Club. Thank you.

Coach has a very special place in her heart for the Elite Club members. Thank you for continuing your journey through the Elite Club! Here we GROW!

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