VIP Club

$599.00/mo for 3 Months

  • 6 Sessions + 1 optional All group call per month
  • 5+ Sales Executives Per Call
  • Light Moneywork
  • Must Be in the Business 4 years +
  • See Full Product Detail Below

Program Description

VIP Club has a variety of classes to give you a quick boost of relevant topics that will get you inspired and help enhance your career. VIP Club is a 90 day course.

Here are the courses in VIP CLUB:

  • VIP CLUB – Taking Down the Target
  • VIP CLUB – Finish the Year Strong
  • VIP CLUB – Kick off the New Year
  • VIP CLUB – Prospecting Clinic
  • VIP CLUB – Mindset & Motivation
  • VIP CLUB Certified Title Consultant
  • VIP CLUB Max out Q2

Brand NEW Course coming Jan 2023!

C͙E͙R͙T͙I͙F͙I͙E͙D͙  T͙I͙T͙L͙E͙  C͙O͙N͙S͙U͙L͙T͙A͙N͙T͙!!

  • Time Management
  • Consulting best practices
  • Fresh Ideas

3 main ingredients a Sales Executive needs in this shifted market!

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Calling all experienced title sales executives that want to dive into relevant best practices, pop the hood on your business from A to Z and unlock your FULL potential. We analyze where you are at, where you want to go and how, strategically we are going to add a twist to get you there. Coach Lisa is the right coach for the job, with 23 years of title sales executive experience, being in the top 1% in Los Angeles, Ca and top 5% in the nation, and 25 years of a coaching background, she shares all her best practices and secret sauces with her clients.

She knows rejection, she knows distractions, she knows how hard it was to take down top producers and she knows the hidden secret to unlock the next level in sales and get to the top. Yes, she pushes you, yes she challenges you, yes she believes GROWTH IS THE ONLY OPTION!

This program is group sessions for a reason, Coach Lisa witnesses having like-minded sales executives on her call at the same time is bar none! The interaction, networking and community they create on these calls is a huge edge against the competition. It's like a Mastermind platform on steroids! Are you are looking for a re-boot? A new fresh outlook on your career? Accountability? And want to strive to get in or stay in the TOP 10%?... then  VIP Club Coaching is your answer!
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Ask about our waiting lists for the next enrollment. *89% of all Graduates from this program have either grown their business in openings, closing or closed revenue.