VIP/Elite Degree Commercial Coaching!

$599.00 per person

  • 4 reps per call
  • 6 month course
  • 2 calls a month + 1 All coaching participants call
  • Life Coaching/Mindset – Strengthening the players

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Program Description

VIP/Elite Degree Commercial Coaching

This program is for commercial sales executives only. We have 2 groups: VIP for experienced reps 4 + years, and Elite Degree for newbie reps 0-3 years. The basis of this course is to strengthen the players by going to the next level with mindset work, tactical self- management tips, organization, building confidence, work on retention and business development through prospecting, practicing, idea sharing and role playing. We also spend some time in the social media platforms, work on competitive skills, follow ups, one on one’s and most of all helping each executive unlock their full potential. If you would like more information or to set up a call to discuss further please contact Coach Lisa Crown.

$599 per month for sales executives -- 6 month course

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