Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is coaching over the phone or in person?
A: Over the phone.

Q: Do you have to have a certain amount of years or experience to get into your programs?
A: We have a program for everyone. To find the right program that fits your needs, click on the Program Description for details.

Q: I’m a brand new sales, executive which program is best suited for me?
A: Elite degree; it’s like a title college (but way more fun), learn the ins and outs of being a successful sales executive. Plus, learn the basics from the pro’s!

Q: How long are the calls?
A:  60-75 minutes (I always block out an hour and a half in case we run over)

Q: What does “moneywork” mean?
A: Moneywork is the magic of the program. They are accountability exercises that are the foundation of your growth. Do the work, make the money!

Q: What happens after I graduate and still want to continue?
A: We offer a maintenance program called the Elite Club so you can continue with all of Lisa’s best practices.

Q: Can I be an Elite Club member without graduating one of the programs?
A: No, at this time it is only offered to our graduates.

Q: What if my competitor (sister company)  is signed up for your program and gets all your stuff, too?
A: I would rather have the access to the information and be a player in the game than not have access at all. Remember, we are a division of FNTG. We only work with their employees, so all the other title companies out there do not have this information. 

Q: What if I just want to learn 1 of your best practices?
A: I offer 1 time coaching sessions.

Q: What differentiates you from other coaches?
A: Being a sales executive in the title business for 18 years in Los Angeles CA in the top 5% in the nation, I’ve walked in your shoes and I coach outside the box.

Q: What type of success are sales executives having that graduated?
A: Growth in all areas of business and personally. 85% of all graduates grew in either open orders, closed orders or closed revenue. Close revenue is anywhere from 33-748% in growth.

Q: What if I have more questions?
A: Click contact us and someone will contact you to answer all of your questions.

Q: How do I know my progress throughout the program.
A: Each month we send you a Scoreboard so you see where you rank as far as your scores in the Coaching Program

Q: I heard it’s a lot of work, how much time should I put aside to do the Coaching Program?
A: Coach has cut back the work by 75%, you have 2 weeks to get 4 assignment and 2 extra credit completed. Time block each week a few hours to get it done.The Moneywork is where the growth comes from. Make time for it and you will grow!

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