Coaching Events

Group coaching
1 call per month for $149 - $199
1 ALL group call per month

  • Motivational events
  • Uplifting vibe
  • Mindset centric
  • No moneywork
  • Every event has a different concept
  • See Full Product Detail Below

Program Description

Coaching Events is where the motivation is at!!!  We put on 3-4 coaching events per year.  Each event has a different concept to help the audience with mindset, motivation, momentum, goals, organization, focus, accountability systems, team building & much more!

Coaching Events Courses:

  • Coaching With the Stars Event
  • Mindset, Motivation & Momentum
  • Standard of Excellence - Customer Service

Want a little push to increase orders and learn better strategies to adapt in any market, then sign up today for our next event!  It might be exactly what you need.  See you there!