The Revenue Disruptor

$499/mo  for 3 Months


  • 6 Group Sessions
  • 4 Sales Executives Per Call
  • NO Moneywork
  • Tactical Tips
  • Result$ Tracker
  • See Full Product Detail Below
The Revenue Disruptor is the main hub. There will be courses offered throughout the year under this concept. It’s kind of like a University and these are the different courses to take. Each course is 3 months long, 2 calls per month. $499 a month with 1 main topic. No Moneywork. Just tracking results. Reps will be paired by revenue match. No competitors will be on the same call. Everyone will have a buddy in this to keep them accountable and focused on the end result which is NEW business. There is nothing like this in the nation… Mastering one topic with maximum business growth! Sign up today, spots are limited!!