Virtual Sales Coaching!

$499.00/mo forĀ 3 Months

  • 6 Group Sessions
  • 4-6 Sales Executives Per Call
  • NO Moneywork
  • Tactical Tips
  • Buddy Challenges
  • Idea Sharing

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Program Description

Virtual Sales Coaching

As we shake out our new normal we need to create a new Bounce Back plan that includes being fliexible with the daily industry changes, community changes and real estate/lending offices changes. This course is designed to share best practices, challenge you and push you to greatness in any market. Please contact your sales manager for approval and save your spot today, seats are limited!

This program includes:

  • Consistent Marketing Virtually
  • Wellness/Mindset Work
  • Stress Mitigation
  • New virtual strategies for business retention
  • Accountability
  • Idea Sharing
  • Learn Virtual Realtor best practices to help keep their business going
  • Motivation the whole way through!

3 Months (2 calls a month)

No Moneywork, just coaching!

$499 per month for sales executives